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Parrot Nose Pliers With Sawteeth

  • Heavy duty jaws lock on to three sides of a hex fastener or round parts and will not slip or mar.
  • Sawtoot jaw produce a strong grip.
  • For especially clamping round off hex fastener.
  • Turn screw to adjust pressure and fit work.
  • Stays adjusted position for repetitive use.
  • Material: alloy steel.
  • Nickel plated finish.
  • Apply for rusted, stripped, stuck and non-standard fasteners.


Item no. Jaw Adjustment Length Weight Type
PQ309 6-32mm 8.5"(215mm) 405g USA
PQ409 6-28mm 8.5"(215mm) 405g European
PQ307 7-33mm 7"(175mm) 228g USA

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